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This store has been created too ensure that our subcontractors, employees and customers have access to industry leading chemicals and hardware at wholesale prices.
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Sanitisation without the sterilisation of the human experience.

At Innova, we believe that sanitisation, cleanliness and the health of your family, your home and your business can not be achieved without true connection to all who are in touch with your brand. 

What makes us different is we hold ourselves accountable to one another and to you, our client. We aim for the highest standards of service. Behind our business are real people, providing real services. We partner with you to ensure your premises and business are represented in the best light.

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Innova Approved chemicals and Hardware. These are the chemicals and hardware that have been tried, tested and trusted by Innova. This gives you the confidence knowing you are always using the best of the best but now at wholesale prices.

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